The world of logistics is changing!

In a world of uncertain requirements and demands of future campaigns, militaries all over the world are being forced to adapt their supply chains and the life cycle management of their assets. These changes mean that militaries and defence ministries will require greater support from both the manufacturers and suppliers of their equipment and from 3rd Party providers of logistics support. If solutions are not found that will enable forces to continue to operate in far-flung theatres, with confidence in the ability of their vehicles, weapons and supply chains to effectively meet their operational needs, their ability to conduct campaigns will be significantly and severely damaged...

Defence IQ is delighted to bring you the 13th Annual Defence Logistics symposium, which will address all these challenges and more. Furthermore this year's event will be moving in an exciting new direction - I am delighted to announce that Defence Logistics 2016 will welcome a large number of representatives from large defence manufacturers, coming to discuss their specific supply chain challenges and to share common solutions.

This new dimension has been added to provide a unique insight into how the supply chains of some of the largest and most complicated Defence manufacturing projects are effectively managed.

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2016 Speakers Included:

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What's New?


An exciting blend of industry and military speakers, providing essential and critical insights into current challenges in the field and the shape of the future.


In-depth case studies, presented by their project management, of the logistical support networks of several major capability platforms from the defence industry.


A pre-conference workshop, aiming to educate attendees on the process improvements that can be made in defence logistics, and an interactive war-gaming scenario, focusing on a expeditionary operational scenario.

By Attending Defence Logistics 2016 you will have the opportunity to:


Gain updates on the key challenges facing logistics experts today, from the task of continuing to meet operational requirements under further constrained budgets, to choosing when and where to employ IT systems to support the day-to-day management of their supply chains.


Understand where the future military budgets are heading, an event which is not to be missed if you wish to stay abreast with the rest of the industry in the next five to ten years


Access the varied expertise of logisticians from both the military and industry communities in order to learn best practice and engage with thought-leaders.


Strengthen your understanding of the specific challenges in military logistics, by taking part in exclusive roundtable discussions with both civilian and military logisticians, exploring common solutions to differentiated problems.

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